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Below are the guiding principles that I use in both my personal and professional life in order to direct me and my choices in a positive and ethical manner.  All of these standards are meant to be unwavering and hold equal importance.  Each is intertwined and critical to the successful execution of the other, and to the development of the business owner, and more importantly, the human, I aspire to be. 

As I pursued my career in corporate endeavors, my ethical-decision making took on a level of approach that is more post-conventional, where social contract and individual rights are the deciding factor over my own self-interest or what is merely the minimum standard accepted by society or legal systems. 

While many may perceive my managerial style as idealistic or utopian based off of these principles, it is my understanding that they are crucial to my integrity as an individual and businessperson, so they are therefore vital to my decision-making process.


I will have GRATITUDE




I will extend DIGNITY & RESPECT


I will be HUMBLE

I will have EMPATHY

Kindness & Hospitality
“You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”  Kindness is at the heart of how I approach my relationships in both my personal and professional lives.  Kindness means you are respectful of others, your environment, and the consequences of your actions.  Kindness means working towards the greatest good for all - what is in the best interest for not just you, but those around you.  Kindness is genuine and not fake, and exerted not for the reward of recognition, but for the simple act of just being nice.  In my business, it is important to remember kindness comes before everything else, even in trying and difficult circumstances.    Having witnessed my parents run a bed and breakfast where there motto was “Hospitality is an Art Form”, I learned firsthand what it means to be helpful and work hard to ensure others are at ease and enjoying their experience.

Expressed Gratitude
I will be thankful for all for all of my blessings, circumstances, and support I receive from family, friends, colleagues, and customers.  It is important to express gratitude and thankfulness for all efforts put forth by every team member, both individually and collectively.  Their efforts are gifts, and include all ideas, strategies, time, and physical labor that helps to us to grow and accomplish goals.  Additionally, I recognize that both my talents and the talents of others are gifts and should be treated as such.  Everyone has a unique set of talents that while diverse, are equal in importance.  I recognize that gratitude should be expressed through both words and actions, and should be part of the DNA of my approach to business.  In order to foster a work environment that is both balanced and thriving, there needs to be motivation for employees to offer their creativity, time, and related talents that comes in the form of expressed thankfulness.

Genuine & Truthful
I will be truthful to both myself and others.  I will be sincere in my approach to various situations, and in the results that others expect of me.  I will be transparent in my business strategy and motivations for my actions.  I will be truly happy and confident in my place in this world and my abilities as they relate to the service that I can offer others.  Similarly, I expect others to be genuine with me.  I will accept and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of each individual as they truly are now and not as I want, or wish them to be. 

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving” – Albert Einstein.  Giving will come before receiving in all areas of my life.  I understand that while the traditional business theory is to make a profit, I will operate under the belief that businesses can thrive under a core mantra of working to be able to give back even more than they receive – the “pay it forward” model.  Instead of working hard to receive additional monetary rewards which will benefit only myself, I will work hard, and strategically, to earn rewards that benefit my family, friends, community, and those in need.  I will also look beyond monetary gain as a standard for success, and look at the positive impact made through my personal and business ventures.

Flexible & Balanced
“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original shape” - Anonymous.  I will always be open to new ideas and situations, with an understanding that I do not have all of the answers. While I will stay focused on the task at hand, I will not do it in a manner that makes me blind to everything else that is going on around me.  I will be aware of changing trends and ideals, and take the time to understand the reasoning of them.  I will not just hear noise, but I will listen to what is being said both verbally and through the actions of others.  I will be willing to change, add-on, or develop of deeper understanding of others through observation and true listening.  I will approach all that I do, both at home and at work, with an open mind and heart, with the goal of obtaining true balance across the board.

Dignity & Respect
Mutual respect is the key to the positive development and growth of humans.  I will approach my treatment of colleagues, business partners, and customers with a level fairness, dignity, and respect that is clear to all parties.   I will work to resolve discrepancies and conflicts in a style that results in the most balanced and equal outcome possible for all, given the set of circumstances. I will exhibit the same sense of fairness in my hiring practices and work standards. 

Leadership & Solidarity
It is my belief that the idea that anyone can accomplish anything in life on their own is absurd.  The understanding of everyone and everything working in unity, and knowledge that great things can be accomplished with the same unity is the key to sustainable and respectable business practices. I will emphasize the need to extend help where it is needed (service leadership) and accept help when it is offered.  This is the natural cycle of humanity and to go against it only creates havoc and unnecessary disparities.

I will not assume that my accomplishments are of greater importance than those of another.  My purpose is not to fulfill my own need for great success but to ensure that I can make life better for others - be it through my own individual actions and/or those of my business.  This is not to say that an occasional pat on the back and 'thank you' is not appreciated, but it should never be the sole motivation for positive work.

“If you just learn a single trick, Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” - Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird.  I will take the time to understand perspectives on situations from a point of view other than my own.  Knowing that our environment and support system play a critical role in helping to develop our personal values and opinion of the world, I will take into consideration the distinctive situations every individual is subject to, and both the positive and negative consequences of those situations.  I will work to not only understand, but to take that understanding a step further and use it to help make life better, either through my own actions or the actions of my business.

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